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Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield/Scale & Corrosion
Well#: Xinhe 16
Operator: Sinopec Zhongyuang Oilfield No.6 Production Company
Downhole issues: Scale & Corrosion
Before the installation
  • Daily Production: 1.3 tons of Liquid, 1.2 tons of crude
  • Heavy scale and corrosion on tubing string & pump
  • Averaged at a pump repair every 45 days, three times of pump failure within six months
The Scale and Corrosion Status Before the installation of Enmax CPRS
One Year after the installation
  • Daily Production: 2.5 tons of Liquid, 1.5 tons of crude
  • No new scale buildups on tubing string and the pump
  • No pump repair job within 370 days
One Year After the installation of Enmax CPRS
Enmax CPRS