2020-04-04 19:05:14
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Report from Huaneng Qingbei Electric Power Company
The vacuum pumps of the desulfurization systems have been cooled by industrial water, and the hardness of the water is quite high, which resulted in heavy clay and sand deposition and scale problems. Jamming of the pumps occured every time when starting and stopping the pumps, and the pumps have to be rotated manually to help this issue. The starting problems and higher starting amps caused the damage of the electric motors and other equipment. A large amount of working hours have spent on de-scale during every maintenance and overhaul operation.
A DN200 Enmax CPRS surface unit was installed on the coolling loop of the desulfurization vacuum pump in Sept, 2013, and the system was inspected one year after the installation. It was concluded as the following from the comparison between the before and the after of the CPRS unit installation.
  1. Before the installation of the CPRS unit, it can be noticed from the inspection port that there was a quite thick layer of scale on the inner surface of the pipe;
  2. One month after the installation, it can be seen that a large amount of the scale began to peel off and was removed. The pumps can be stopped and restarted easily after cleanning the scale pieces fallen down.
  3. The continuous inspection indicated that the old scale has been removed gradually.
  4. Enmax CPRS unit performed very well in prevention and removal of the scale and unplugging of the flow line, and reduced a lot of labour intensity and saved the chemical and acid cleaning cost, as well as protected the equipment and minimized the possibility of equipment breakdown.
  5. It is highly recommended that Enmax CPRS units should be utilized on other heat exchangers.
Inspection and Maintenance Dept,
Huaneng Qingbei Electric Power Company
Aug., 16, 2014