2020-02-27 18:37:14
Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Company Ltd., Shanghai, China
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Enmax Management Systems
  • Administrative management system: Enmax technology (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. owns a strict, orderly and efficient administration management system. The president will be responsible for the company overall management. The Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Sales Director will be responsible for product design, production and manufacturing, quality control, business development and marketing, after-sale support and financial management per the company administration system. Each department will work separately with a close coordination, in order to improve the operation efficiency of projects.
  • Quality management system: as an ISO9001 certified enterprise, Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. strictly compl with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements from raw materials procurement, component manufacturing, final assembly, and quality inspection and control to ensure the product and service quality.
  • Financial management system: Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. has set up a complete financial management team, including Chief Financial Officer, Accounting Manager, Accounting Supervisor, Financial analysts, accounting and cashier personnel, and also a complete set of strict financial control and accounting regulations.
  • Sales management system: Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. has been employing the regional sales agent and distribution system. Internally we have set up a capable sales management team including Sales Director and Project Sales Managers, which is responsible for the training, supervision and management of regional sales agents and distributors. For the critical projects, Enmax sales and technical staff will be involved in the technical presentations, discussions and project planning with the end-users.
  • After-sales service management system: Enmax Technology (Shanghai) Company, Ltd. has set up, together with its sales agents and distributors, a powerful and efficient after-sales service team, with an aim at "Being enthusiastic, considerate, trustworthy and timely” to provide quality after-sales service.