2018-12-19 13:01:28
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CPRS Civil Water Units


System overview
Enmax civil water treatment CPRS units were specially designed to improve the water quality and also solve the scale and corrosion problems in civil water systems. The systems will last and last with only occasional inspection, and will not wear away or contaminate the water systems being treated.
Operation principle
Enmax civil water CPRS utilizes the same patented technology and materials to produce a polarization effect on the microscopic particles in the water. This unique polarization dissolves mineral accumulation and prevents any future deposit in piping, water heaters, faucet screens, showerheads, and filtration systems, and it also helps to reduce and eliminate most smell, taste, color problems caused by minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron or bacteria found in civil water systems.
No contamination
Flow through the CPRS unit complies with National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations pursuant to Section 1412 of the Safe Drinking Water Act., as amended (42 U.S.C.3009-1). These regulations control contaminants in drinking water that primarily affect the aesthetic qualities relating to the public acceptance of drinking water. Contaminants means physical, chemical, biological, or radiological substances or matter in the water. There are no metal contaminants by flowing through the metallic alloy make-up of the system.
Enmax civil water CPRS units vary in sizes from the small size units for home usage, and large sizes for residential complex, hotels, swimming pools, water treatment plants and food processing plant, etc.
It is recommended the units are to be installed in the feed line into water softener, which services as a deposit area for the polarized mineral particles. Without water softener system a filter is recommended downstream of the unit.