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CPRS Downhole Units
General Description
Enmax oilfield CPRS Downhole units are usually installed downhole of oil producing wells or water injection wells for prevention and removal of paraffin, scale and corrosion, and are often called as ”CPRS downhole units”.
Petroleum crude oil consists of four main factions, namely Oil Constituents, Resin, Asphaltene and Pre-asphaltene (i.e. carbene and carboid). The chemical and physical properties of crude oils depend significantly on the relative amounts of each faction and their properties. The asphaltenes usually contain more condensed aromatic compounds than do the resin and oil factions. The resins contain aromatic or naphthenic hydrocarbons and components of oil factions may have napthenic or paraffin structures. Asphaltenes and pre-asphaltenes in their natural state exist in micelle form, peptized with resin molecules. The center of this micelle can be metal, clay, or water. The essential feature is that the polar groups (such as S- and/or N- and/or O-containing groups) are concentrated towards the center. This often is termed oil external-water internal or water-in-oil emulsion. When crude oils flow into a well bore, its pressure and temperature decreases with annular velocity. Paraffin and water then would be released from the water-in-oil emulsion, with the paraffin solidifying at the reduced temperature condition and flow rates.
The CPRS downhole units will, through the catalystic action, stabilizes the water-in-oil emulsion structure and prevents paraffin being released from the micelle structure and forming solid states.
Enmax CPRS downhole units will work in virtually any well that experiences deposition and are suitable for any pumping system, including electrical submersible pumps. Each application is designed for the specific well depending upon tubing size and fluid volume.
Typically, Enmax CPRS downhole units will be run either below the pump intake or above the pump discharge, or as a tail joint at the end of the tubing string. The CPRS can also be installed in a flowing well without pulling the tubing. It can be placed in a tubing string with a setting nipple using the appropriate setting tool using wire line.
Types and Dimensions:
Cartridge type and disk type, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” and 3-1/2”.